Welcome To London Irish Literary Travel (LILT)

London Irish Literary Travel (LILT) is a small team of literary enthusiasts who organise trips and excursions to places associated with Irish writers in Britain, Ireland and France. We also arrange walks in London and trips to places of literary interest near London.

The concept of LILT arose out of conversations in the late 1990s between two friends who were discussing Parisian philosophers becoming ever more despairing: one had committed suicide, another had strangled his wife and so on. Barmy intellectuals, not an optimist among them, all doom and gloom! Talk of despair led to Beckett, Beckett in Paris, Joyce, Joyce in Paris and then Joyce and Beckett...in Paris.

A trip to Paris swiftly followed and arriving on a cold, frosty, but bright blue-skied morning it was a joy to seek out places associated with Joyce and Beckett and start making notes. Within a few months the original pamphlet was ready. Today we have a third edition of our tourist oriented literary guide which many readers have found interesting and helpful on their trips to Paris. We also do walks and excursions in and around London, mostly in Summer and early Autumn. This Summer we are adding a new London afternoon tour: `Two Buses and Six Writers ` probably in late June or early July.

Guided walking tours in and around London, as well as Paris, can also be arranged throughout the year by appointment, just contact us via our contact page.

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